Cleopatra Themed Online Slots

Even if your knowledge of history is sparse, you've heard of Cleopatra. She's the one who ruled over Egypt and met an untimely end, possibly via an asp. Others say she was poisoned, but whatever happened, she died young and left behind an impression that is still strong today.

So, it is small wonder she crops up a lot in online slot games. If you've played a few - or at least browsed the slot collections at a few online casinos - you've seen her face somewhere around.

There are several reasons why she's a great choice when creating these slots too. See what you think of these.

She is always a colorful character

We mean this in two ways. Firstly, her life - and death - certainly were colorful. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly for our purposes, her Egyptian clothing was glorious. Whenever we see slots featuring this character, we expect lots of bright reds and blues along with generous amounts of gold. Headdresses and other delights usually come into play as well.

She fits with another popular theme

This is ancient Egypt, of course - also featuring among the most popular online slot themes around. It has ranked well among themes for years, and we cannot see this changing.

Ancient Egypt brings with it news of Pharaohs, riches, pyramids, the Sphinx, and many other dramatic images and icons. All of which fit neatly into an entertaining slot game.

The setting makes for plenty of bonus opportunities

When you think about the trappings of ancient Egypt and all the treasures the Pharaohs were buried with, it's no surprise to find that these slots tend to get their inspiration from those elements.

We've certainly seen lots of bonus rounds involving the Pyramids. They sometimes go from the ground level and see you progressing up through the levels of the pyramid, trying to avoid the asp as you go. Others take you inside the pyramid, perhaps to search different rooms in search of prizes.

There's plenty of scope for longevity

Sure, there are slots featuring Cleopatra that offer nothing but standard gameplay. However, we've seen lots of other games with various bonus rounds, free spin potential, and on-reels bonuses too.

When the history, the woman, and the setting all roll together to supply you with so much potential, you can see why Cleopatra has graced so many slot games. And we guess she'll continue to do so for many years to come. We sure hope so, anyway.