Online Pokies

Online Pokies are the most played casino games ever. These games are exciting and rewarding and include a wide selection of different themes and styles with multiple winning chances through paylines, winning ways, and bonus games. All online pokies are available to be played in fun practice mode and real money mode.

The History of Online Pokies

Online pokies date back to the late 1800s, when a mechanic named Charles Fey created the first slots machine through his fascination with spinning drums. He lined up three separate drums with a hole in each and spun them together on a pivot to see how they would come to rest. This was the beginning of the first slot machine called Liberty Bell that can still be seen in a San Francisco museum. Over the years and decades, the games developed and moved from three-reel to five-reel games and have moved online in the past two decades. Over the years, the slots games moved across continents, and in Australia, they changed the name and are known as pokies. Today multiple software companies worldwide develop new games, new ideas, and new winning bonus options for the many different types of games.

Types of Online Pokies

Three reel and five reel pokies are the most common games offering single and multiple paylines. Lining up identical symbols on the screen awards the player with a payout and a paytable on-screen or off-screen details for the player any bonus options that may be included. Every pokies game has a theme, whether it is a classic game with fruit symbols or a game that takes players back to historical events or into the future where they meet space aliens and new creatures. Animals feature in many of the games, as do fairies and witches. Some online pokies start with a colorful introductory movie that tells the player a bit about the game's background and introduces the main characters. Every online pokies game is different, and each one should be looked at separately.

Bonus Options in Online Pokies

The bonus options offered in every online pokies game are detailed in the paytable of the game. Wilds are used to making up winning payouts and offer high payouts by themselves. Scatters are multiplying symbols that trigger additional bonus games on their own or with other symbols. The common bonus games are free spins given with multiplying factors for any winnings earned. There are pick and win bonus games, changing symbols, expanding symbols, and increasing payouts to complete different tasks and games with match-up games. Bonus trails are exciting and lead the player to different bonuses and events. Bonus wheels offer direct payouts of free spins, cash, or bonus options. And many of the online pokies have the addition of progressive jackpots and gamble features. Progressive jackpots are continually rising in value and maybe won totally at random or with the appearance of a set of symbols. There are games with more than one progressive jackpot. The gamble feature is optional and allows players to increase winnings by guessing colors or suits of cards or sides of coins. Every bonus game offers more winning potential.

The Best Online Pokies for Australian Players

Every pokies game is good, but there are some that appeal to Australian players. Although based in the USA, the Wild West has a lot of similar features to the Australian desert and gives players action-packed games with cowboys, good guys, and bad guys. This appeals to all players and especially the online players who live on farms. The best pokies are games that have a high return to players. Casinos have to advertise the return to player. This is the amount that the player receives back over time, and it does not mean that the player will receive 96% back in one bet. When looking for the best online pokies, players must also check the casino's status and reputation they have chosen to play to make sure it is safe, secure, reliable, and fair.

Fair Payouts for Australian Online Casino Players

Pokies are fair, and each game advertises the return to the player that it offers or the volatility of the game. These games are not rigged in any way, providing the player has chosen a secure and trusted casino that should have a seal of approval. A random number generator runs every online pokies game. The RNG is computer-driven and ensures that payouts are totally at random with no pattern. Online pokies that do not have an RNG should not be played. A trusted casino and game has the stamp of approval of one of the governing bodies of safe and secure gambling, and players who are not sure should make sure they see this before investing money. When playing online pokies, it must always be remembered that these are fun games first and foremost and not meant to be big moneymakers. Lucky players will be able to win, and with the right attitude of fun and excitement, every player will be a winner when playing online pokies.