3 Features You Can Spot in Rival Slot Games

Have you ever played any Rival slot games? There are so many out there at online casinos, we cannot imagine you've missed them all.

You may eventually notice there are several features cropping up throughout their range. Sure, they have some simple three-reel slots to play, but many more are based around five reels. And when you hit those, you may begin to see some of the following features in action.

The famous i-Slots have a story to tell

What is an i-Slot, we hear you cry? The term means interactive slot, and this is a promising sign when you're looking for some entertaining slot games to play.

The idea Rival came up with was to make sure some of their slots told a story. In some cases, you can go through several stages while playing a game. In others, you can expect to play a slightly different bonus each time you reach that stage. On each occasion, the bonus furthers the overall story.

Better bonus games

Yes, as we mentioned above, the bonuses in Rival slot games tend to stick in the mind. One game based around bowling lets you play an entire game of bowling if you can reach the bonus round. The same goes for a golf-themed slot.

There are others that follow the i-Slot pattern of progressing the story too, so watch for those to appear.

Awesome themes

Most developers can give us a series of impressive, popular, and unusual themes to dip in and out of. However, Rival does this better than many other developers - at least, we think so.

We've mentioned some sporting themes already, but we also have a soap opera with several slots offering different episodes, and others based in space. And those supply only the beginning of the whole experience.

Explore the possibilities in the Rival slot range today

There are dozens of games available from this developer. If you have yet to discover them, you shouldn't miss out. Make sure you're ready to find an appealing range of Rival slots at your favorite casino. Most of them have demo versions to load first, so you'll always find it easy to spot the slots that are best for you to play.