3 Features You Can Expect From Betsoft Slot Games

We've got plenty of favorite software developers on our list, each one releasing some of our top slot game choices. There are a few we could name, but our focus here is Betsoft.

We should be clear that you won't find all the following features in every Betsoft game you come across. However, we have noticed they've removed several of their older games from their official website. This could be because they are no longer available, thereby making room for the best slots and plenty of new ones as well.

Plenty of stunning 3D graphics

When we imagine playing 3D slot games, we always think of Betsoft. Most of their newer games are in 3D, although it doesn't apply to all of them. Most qualify for this status though, and there are lots of promising themes involved too - all of which look stunning with that extra 3D feature.

Lots of bonus features

We had to go way back to find any Betsoft slots that didn't have any bonuses involved. Most of the ones we think of when we think about playing slots from this developer do have at least one bonus round. In fact, most of them have two or three, sometimes on the reels and sometimes involving a second screen. You can certainly expect to see plenty of action in these games.

Free spin rounds with a twist

Free spins also feature heavily across the Betsoft range. Sometimes, you might get a standard free spin round including a multiplier. At other times, you might scoop some free games with a wild reel or some other way to perk up gameplay as you go. You can always find out what's involved by checking the paytable before you get underway.

See how many thrills you can find in Betsoft slots

They certainly know how to pick some excellent themes. You can go Under the Bed, Under the Sea, meet the Tycoons, and even see the Tipsy Tourist on vacation. Those are just a handful of examples - there are many more out there waiting for you as well.

Explore the entire Betsoft collection to see how many slots you can find that include the above features. We hope you'll want to see them all.