Winstar Online Slots

Winstar is a social casino. This means you will only ever play for entertainment and you can never collect any real prizes. However, as this is social gaming, you can look forward to seeing how well you do and having plenty of enjoyment from those games along the way.

You can begin by claiming 5,000 chips to play with when you sign up for an account at Winstar. You can also claim more chips every four hours, with up to 2,800 of them to claim each day. The Fortune Wheel goes live at four-hour intervals, so the idea is to spin it to see what you get.

How can you spend those chips?

Winstar has lots of games to share with its players. There are plenty of titles in the eGames section, but they also have eTables, video poker, keno, and bingo titles to try. The eGames area is where the slots are listed, and we found lots of entertaining titles there.

You must open an account before you can play

Remember that you'll pick up your first few thousand chips to start playing with when you do this.

Any questions? Look for the FAQs

These are located at the bottom of the site, and they cover the most asked questions from all players. If you have a query, chances are the answer is there.

One of the most common questions involves how to get hold of more chips. You'll get some each day, but you can decide to buy some if you wish. However, you should remember that even if you do this, you're not going to play any games that would drop real prizes. Anything 'won' is given to you in chips to continue playing with.

Free chips added daily to your account

Winstar is obviously a social casino with plenty of great games to check out. It is vital to remember this - if you want to play games for the chance of collecting real cash prizes, you'll need to find another casino to play at.

However, if all you want to do is spin the reels of a few superb slot games, or try some other casino games, you can do it all at Winstar.